Nick Copas

Class of 1961
Animated Bursting Line
Newark, Ohio


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Animated Notes



Animated Notes

Why did Nick Copas become a rocker?

There are no more jobs in Classical music

Did you ever listen to that stuff?


[ Why did Nick Copas become a rocker? ]

You can call yourself names like "ACE"!!!

Ace is good.

What about Nick Copas?

What about Chuck Terrace?


[ Why did Nick Copas become a rocker? ]

Chicks dig the hair, man

They did then, does anyone have any hair left? I do, lots.


[ Why did Nick Copas become a rocker? ]

There are no fashion "Faux pas"

You can really wear anything you want and consider it fashionable for Rockin'!


[ Why did Nick Copas become a rocker? ]


Yes, even way back then there were Groupies.

Didn't call them that but that is what they were.

Problem was we didn't know it.


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Animated Notes

Top Ten Records of 1960

1. El PasoPlay Me
Marty Robbins

3 Songs For A Quarter

6. Cathy's ClownPlay Me
The Everly Brothers
2. Running BearPlay Me
Johnny Preston
7. Everybody's Somebody's FoolPlay Me
Connie Francis
3. Teen AngelPlay Me
Mark Dinning
8. Alley-OopPlay Me
Hollywood Argyles
4. "A Summer Place"Play Me
Percy Faith & his Orchestra
9. I'm SorryPlay Me
Brenda Lee
5. Stuck On YouPlay Me
Elvis Presley
10. Teenie Weenie Yellow Play Me
Polkadot Bikini
Brian Hyland


Animated Notes

Top Ten Records of 1961

1. Wonderland By NightPlay Me
Bert Kaempfert

3 Songs For A Quarter

6. Blue MoonPlay Me
The Marcels

2. Will You Love Me TomorrowPlay Me
The Shirelles
7. RunawayPlay Me
Del Shannon
3. CalcuttaPlay Me
Lawrence Welk
8. Mother-In-LawPlay Me
Ernie K-Doe
4. Pony TimePlay Me
Chubby Checker
9. Travelin' ManPlay Me
Ricky Nelson
5. SurrenderPlay Me
Elvis Presley
10. Running ScaredPlay Me
Roy Orbison


Animated Notes

Top 40 Records & Top 10 LP's of 1961

What are LP's?

Chuck Terrace & Nick Copas

Chuck Terrace (Charlie Smith) and Nick Copas (Dale Wiley) had a ton of fun way back when. Spinnin' the records at Dances, Sock Hops and anything that looked like a Jim Jam. Man did they did like to dance.

Were are they now?

Chuck is married and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, enjoying the bright lights and life in the Vegas fast lane.

Dale is married and lives in Tampa, Florida, enjoying the star lights and life in the southern slow lane.

How about a picture of you guys? Sure, click the thumbnail below:

The way we were, the way we are!


Animated Notes




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