Class of 1961
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Newark High School Class of 1961



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Whatever Happened To?

bulletDick Foreman?
bullet Could this be him?

Dick Foreman & Just Us

Sadly Dick passed away in April 2015

Hey Guys !

How many people can you name in these pictures below?
 The JP Combo was playing at Kline's Dept. Store in May,1961 for the "Outdoor Living Fair".
Everett Hollingshead
(The Advocate had a promotion going where the person who was circled in the picture won a prize)

Can you find Vicky Slane, Judy Posey, Barb Guinsler, Joe Parsons (The Furys), Ralph Marmie or  Ned Ratliff?

bulletThe JP Combo?
bullet Could this be them then?
The JP Combo 1961

Jeff Paris (Bob Hahn)

Jan Preston (Everett Hollingshead)

Jeff Paris (Bob Hahn)

Jan Preston (Everett Hollingshead)

bulletThe JP Combo?
bullet Could this be them now?
The JP Combo 2006

Reveille Review Article
February 1961
"JP Combo Is Real Swingin'
Group Of Newark Hi Seniors"

JP Combo

The Furys?

The Furys
Courtesy of Everett Hollingshead



This space for any information our Classmates want to publish to this site.




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